Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nanny Mail 2/9/10

For several days we have been chasing a persisent electronic beep, without success. I thought it sounded like something needed charging or needed to be rescued from over-charing. First I plugged in everything, Kindle, mini-com, laptop, etc. Couldn't stop the beep. Then I unplugged everything. Didn't stop the beep. It seemed to be in the dining room--and then the kitchen, but could be heard in the living room and bedroom.

We decided it must be the Christmas card with songs in them. Moved them all around. No result. Decided maybe the florescent bulbs were complaining that they were about to give out. Changed bulbs. Still the persistent beep. This has been going on for days.

This morning I decided that it sounded like a smoke alarm warning that the battery was dead or dying. When we first lived in Peshawar, we came home one day to find an agitated cook (the boys' father). He, Lal, said there was a sprit in the house, a jinn. We finally figured out that he meant spirit. He said that when he went through a certain door, there was a cheep. When he came back there was another cheep and he imitated it for us. We were happy to point out that it was a smoke alarm over our bedroom door which needed a new battery.

We haven't had a smoke alarm since but there must be one somewhere. Perhaps we had brought one in from the RV when we stripped it to sell. But where was it. I eventually spotted it on the open shelves in the kitchen with a matching container sitting on it. We removed the battery. End of cheep.

We kinda miss it! Now if the turned-off cell phone would beep so we can figure out where it is . . . . .

Melina, how is Mindy doing?.

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